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Who is the most stylish model?

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  • julia p

    julia p

    I love Alessandra Ambrosio’s style, it’s really effortless and relaxed.

  • Mariella


    Alessandra A would look good in a paper bag but her style is way too glam for me. Irina Lazareanau is my favourite. Very bohemian and rock and roll.

  • GossipGirl21


    Miranda Kerr is perfection. Put together, sexy, but always chic.

  • julia p

    julia p

    Ooh yes I love her style. It’s even better after she had her baby I think!


    For me Kate Moss always gets it right. Apart from the double denim she wore at the Mulberry show during LFW. Not great.

  • Cocos Pearls

    Cocos Pearls

    Thanks everyone!

  • Obsidiana


    Eniko Mihalik smile

  • sara


    Kate Moss and Gisele Bunchen… her

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